3D Models to Bas-Reliefs. Simple.

ModelRelief is a powerful tool to create a bas-relief (sculptural low relief) from a 3D model. This is a preview to get your ideas about next steps!

Please see the Credits page for the all people and technology that made this possible.

Compose a View

Any perspective view of a 3D model can be quickly set up and used to generate a relief.

Image Processing...

Advanced image processing algorithms (Jens Kerber et al) manipulate the 3D model in the image domain.

Bas-Relief Generated!

A relief mesh is created that preserves the detail in the original model.


Select any one of the test models and try your own experiments.

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Please let us know below what you would like to see next!

Scallop Shell
Prancing Horse
Chinese Dragon
Plunderbuss Pete
San Francisco House

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